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We all have dreams of a successful retirement, ensuring a legacy for our family, protecting our family from unexpected circumstances. Planning and taking action steps necessary to achieve these dreams can be difficult. At Crescent Investment Limited, we help our clients create a strategic plan and guide them along the way to ensure they reach their goals and objectives. We determine the financial resources available to work with and anticipate additional wealth that will be available in the future to help achieve your financial objectives.
We clearly define the goals and objectives important to your family and also evaluate the various options and determine the appropriate planning strategies. We start the journey by determining the course of action to implement your plan. Constantly evaluate – we all hit snags on this road called life. We continue to monitor the progress with our clients and make necessary adjustments to make sure we are heading towards the right direction.


Knowledge of the financial markets is just one of many critical components of a successful financial strategy. Crescent Investment Limited offers objective institutional advice in the context of a personal relationship. We manage our clients’ wealth, along with their charitable legacies and the retirement plans of their businesses. We also advise trusts, foundations, charitable organizations and corporations..


Based on your financial goals and risk profile, Crescent Investment Limited build a custom tailored portfolio strategy that meets your investment goals. As an independent investment advisory firm, we have the commitment to act solely in your best interest with the flexibility to choose a portfolio that best addresses your needs


Crescent Investment Limited coordinate our expertise and resources to provide comprehensive estate analysis and consultation primarily focused on adopting strategies that balance today’s income and cash flow needs while reducing estate erosion at death.


With a focus on employee education, communication, and investment advice, we deliver turnkey retirement plan consulting, administration, and investment services, offering thousands of quality mutual fund managers over a single platform providing 24 hour access to plan participants


We are a fiduciary protecting the plan sponsor, retirement committee and trustee, under federal law, from liability resulting from investment selections made by plan participants. We are a trusted advisor and counselor to individuals and institutions needing wealth management services, just like your employees. We have a passion for helping people. Our mission is to instill employee loyalty and confidence in their corporate sponsored qualified plan through motivation, financial planning, performance and trust.
its employees. Studies have shown that employees benefit from direct access to employee specific investment advice resulting in increased employee contribution levels, enhanced employee confidence, reduction in levels of personal stress and anxiety, and better management of personal finances. Employers experience the benefits of better employee relations, increased employee morale and greater retention of their employee talent pool.


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Passionate about cryptocurrency and providing clients with effective Bitcoin currency investment strategies

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We are helping to educate, provide services for, secure, protect, and ultimately profit from this emerging technology

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Highly qualified experts of Indigo Income engage in the trade of crypto-currency pairs and conduct all transactions via arbitrage.


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